Monday, December 24, 2012

Swaddling Clothes

This idea is not original,
but last night it suddenly hit me with
special meaning...
I couldn't fall asleep as my mind raced from 
one worry to another.
 I got my Bible
and decided to see how many 
Old Testament Scriptures
I could find that refer to the 
Birth of Christ.
As the prophets inserted into seemingly oblique
passages glimpses of what was to come
in Bethlehem one Holy night,
I was overwhelmed with the thought
that if you made a strip of cloth and wrote each passage
on it and wrapped it around the Christ Child,
He would be swaddled in the Scriptures!
And if you began to add those references
to His life and death
the manger and stable would be filled with
bolts of Swaddling cloths...
Such a humble place for a King we say?
I say what Rich and Royal Robes
He wore that first Christmas Day.

A blessed and Holy Christmas
filled with joy and peace to All!
Out in the Fields


  1. What a beautiful thought, Karen! Bless you.

  2. So true. I anticipate each post from you. You make me smile.Hope this coming year is blessed.


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