Friday, November 16, 2012

Scrappy Sallie

Here is a doll I made for the shop,
She sold:) 
I painted her hair on this time so a smaller
child could play with her and she
wouldn't get wrecked.


  1. So cute!! I pinned this...may have to use it as inspiration to make a Christmas gift for my lil girl! Did you use fabric paint?

    1. I used acrylic paint but next time I would use fabric paint so it'd be softer to the touch.

  2. Ah...I have my rag doll made by my Mama with love one hard times Christmas. She was fashioned from an old sheet with bed spread fringe hair. She sits in the highchair by the table watching my world with black button eyes. I hope Scrappy Sallie enjoys such a long life being beloved friend of some sweet little girl.


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