Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Made with Love

When you have only one sister-in-law,
it's such a blessing to have her be
not only a wonderful one but also
a dear friend and loving support.
Along with that she is amazing in
every other way and along with raising
12 children with such organization and grace
she also crafts, sews and quilts!
The other week she gave me this gift of love!
 It's made with fabrics that resemble scrapbook
papers in colors and patterns I adore.

Isn't it just stunning?
And to make it even more special
 my brother chose
the Bible verse that is written on the back...
When I sit down with this on my lap,
I feel all the love
and care of 2 very special people.
Thanks David and Elva!
"In His Pastures"


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