Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Home Tour Day 3

We will end the Home Tour
in my bedroom.
The idea is from Pottery Barn
and you may recognize the quilt
from a previous post
Made With Love

I made the shams, pillows (except for the London one)
and stockings.
The shelf has been above my bed with other items
on it so I just changed those out.
It's so cozy when I crawl in here after a busy day
and reach for  "Christmas in Thrush Green"
to read until I fall asleep:)


  1. Nice, Karen. I love the Thrush Green books!

  2. I love you new blog look. I love all the decorating, too!! Someday when I don't have a bunch of little kids to tear everything apart maybe I'll decorate more:)

  3. Wow! Love the way your house looks-now you just need some snow on your porch!


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