Monday, January 30, 2012

Rag Dolls

I'm linking up with Aimee for

With a new project...
"Make a childs toy"
I chose to make these dolls because
 it was one of those patterns
I found at a thrift store years ago and never used.
This was a good chance to use up
some extra fabric too.
Raggy Baggy Betsey and Buddy


  1. Oh my word, those are SO SO SO CUTE!! Love them & great job!

  2. Adorable! How did you find the time???

  3. These are sooo cute! I love them:)

  4. That is such a clever idea! :) Very unique. Good job! :)

  5. Way precious! And yes, how did you find the time? These dolls look like just the ones to offer some cozy comfort to a hurting child...or a hurting adult! You've done a fine job. Marcella

  6. I LOOOOVE! I want them on my website!:))))


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