Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catalog Journal

I'm finishing up my first week of
the E-course with my last
project for this session.
It is a catalog journal. 
You use a catalog-in this case
 Anthropolgie -
and gesso, paint, embellish etc.
until it becomes a place to 
record your thoughts or to add in
other photos or inspiration.
 The front cover was very dark and only had
the girl on it with some baked goods in baskets
behind her. I added the rest.
 These are some of the inside pages.
The idea is to cover up what you don't like and
keep the parts you do.
Anthropologie is ideal because their pages
are like artwork to start with so I kept most of the
pics intact with clear gesso
and used white gesso over some.
Definitely a fun, artistic week-
can't wait until next weeks classes!


  1. Totally cool...i love it! You are so talented, thank you for sharing with us:)


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