Monday, January 2, 2012

Laundry Room Redo

I think this post is a real milestone for me...
I have never left a room the same way 
for 12 years before redoing it, but
I did with this one!

Laundry Room and Entrance
from Garage

 My inspiration came from 2 thrift store purchases-
2 wire baskets and a black and white tablecloth.
I used the cloth for basket liners and had enough
left for a valance.

 I used jars I had already and made chalkboard 
labels and filled them with the necessities.
The laundry prints are free from
 The one original decor item in the room
(besides wall color) that I kept,
was the branch mural I painted when I first moved 
into this home. 
I also painted the bench white,
which gives the room a really fresh feel!

 My key wall with a great old window treasure
from Main Street Station.
It has a pen attached so you can leave notes
etc. for people to see as they grab their keys.
 And my fave find (also from Main St. Station!)
a yellow metal basket for "out the door" items.
This room feels so great now that I may actually
enjoy doing, that would be a real stretch!
But it did turn out really "happy" and for 
such a reasonable cost, just a few thrift finds, and
some elbow grease. Plus I got 
it really cleaned and organized at the same time 
which feels wonderful!


  1. Very nice! I need a laundry room redo - it needs to get about twice as big somehow:)

  2. Wow, love your repurposing ideas! Something about a newly decorated space makes you want to hang out in there! LOL! Pretty and organized is a wonderful combination. Great job! ~Grace


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