Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Yourself

For the 3rd week of the "All Four Love"
the theme was "Love Yourself"
I chose my hands, for several reasons...
I don't have attractive hands,
but they "are" my Mother's hands,
so they are easier to love the older I get!
They are hands that have cuddled, loved
and raised 5 children to adulthood,
held the hands of the dying,
nursed the sick,
folded in prayer,
hugged the hurting,
scrubbed and painted,
sewed and cooked...
they are worth learning to love.


  1. Yes, they are beautiful hands. Hands made more beautiful by the loving things they do:)

  2. What a beautiful post. Yes, those hands have touched a lot and are much to love:)

    A great photo of them. I think they are beautiful hands:)

  3. they ARE worth learning to love. so well put and for good reason. that applies to so many aspects of our lives! beautiful.

  4. Very nice! i took pictures of my grams hand and they represent her love for me...when i go home it is the first thing i do is grab her hands and close my eyes and purr that!

  5. Hands are interesting to look at. My hands appear older over night...but they do all the work. Great post and photo. Thank you for playing.

  6. I love your photo. It's just beautiful. And so thoughtful all that we do with our hands--all that our hands accomplish... beautiful thoughts.

  7. Hands of blessing, led by the Father...what can be more beautiful! Praying your day is blessed with His peace and joy.

  8. You do have your mother's hands...beautiful, loving, caring, and kind. And those are the important things! :)


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