Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

It's Like This!
He likes it dark, and I like it light,
I like the daytime, he likes the night,
He's always warm, I'm always cold,
I like coffee weak, he likes it bold,
He gets up early, I sleep in late,
I like to nibble, he likes a full plate,
He's into sports, and I'm into art
I like things shabby, he likes things smart,
He doesn't read, I eat up books,
I'm always baking, he never cooks,
He likes big spaces, I like them small
I like to write, he likes to call.
The list is quite endless,
I'll bore you to tears,
but just let me tell you
we've been married for years!
It doesn't take sameness
to make it work out,
it takes learning to smile 
and knowing when NOT to pout!

by Karen


  1. You are such a writer - I love it!!!!

  2. Love the poem! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too:)

  3. I love this, because it's true. And it made me smile!

  4. thought this was really neat.. and true!


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