Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Award

My sweet niece over at AJ Krazies
nominated me for this award!
In return I tell 7 random things about myself 
and then nominate 15 more blogs for this award...
So here goes...
1. I just got a Droid!
2. I have celiac disease and have to eat Gluten Free
for the rest of my life:(
3. My favorite thing to eat before I had to go gluten free 
was bread!
4. My favorite thing to eat now is GF bagels, from Udi
5. I love Charleston SC
6.I had 10 siblings but 3 have died
7. I love ruffles


  1. Karen, thank you SOOO much for the award and the mention! I am so happy that you like Exploring with a Camera. I appreciate your participation and support of my blog!

  2. Hi,Karen. How are you today? Thank you so much for nominating me. There are some great blogs on here.I'm honored. I did make my blog award and tag free (there's a little button with text) on it some time ago. Thank you so much for considering me though. It is so beautiful here. I love your previous post about loving Him. The photo is gorgeous! Congrats on your recent win too. I love your page. I'm still a closet scrapper too. I do a page a month. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Thank you for featuring me! I love Charleston SC too!

  4. You are too sweet for nominating my blog as one of the 15 "Stylish Blogger Awards". HUGS to you...thank you so much. Love what you are doing over here on your own blog! *wink* I mentioned you on my FB fan page:

  5. Thanks Karen! So sweet of you to choose me. You have a very interesting blog too! We have many interests in common.

  6. karen your such a sweetie! thank you for this award!wow! very cool!!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring me, Karen! I'm honored to be on your 'stylish bloggers' list! :)


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