Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Does Country Living Mean to Me?

 1. It is watching the strawberry fields of last year become
the wheat fields today.

 2. Buying fresh produce from the corner farmstand
 on the honor system

 3. Rusted mailboxes all in a row and knowing
your neighbors by their first names.

 4. A big red barn way out past the town with the sheep dogs
who are bigger than the sheep!

5. Apples hanging so close to the road you can pick them
from your bicycle.

6. Watching the old man on the tractor who has been
milking cows on that same farm since he was 3.

7. Things changing more slowly than the rest of the world.

 8. Having space to just breathe.

9. Slowing down enough to hear bird song 
and watch the flowers listen too.


  1. Beautiful contemplations ... I love reading your soulful thoughts! Isn't it a blessing being able to live so close to nature and all God's wonderful creation? In my mind nothing speaks louder of our Creator than nature itself. Have a blessed week.


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