Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea for One

This may be a concept that some of you will
find strange, but if I want to have a
tea party, I can't walk into a cute tea shop
with friends and settle in for a lovely time.
That's because there are no tea shops that
are gluten-free!
So If I want to have an elegant and tasty
tea party I have to do it myself...
While I was at the beach alone
I enjoyed a very nice tea for one,
the conversation was somewhat one-sided:)
but there was no arguing at least!
I had scones, sandwiches, and "sweeties"
as the English say and many cups of
hot tea...
I felt very vintage in my dress, pearls, and shoes.
(Oh, and by the way, all the lovely dishes
I have are Goodwill finds:)


  1. That looks fun - I love teas. I just would be too lazy to have one for just myself:)

  2. so pretty! How fun to treat yourself :)

  3. what a great treat yourself so lovingly!!!!!! you look stunning..


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