Friday, August 13, 2010

Pomeroy Farm 100 years of Quilts

I had a chance to go to a special quilt show
at the Pomeroy House (Yacolt WA) last Sat.
The family who owns the living history farm
has preserved quilts from every era of their
heritage and so it adds up to 100 years of quilts!
Many of the quilts have been made by
family members also.
The farm was decked out in quilts on fences,
porches, in the main cabin and barn.
Really amazing and colorful! This picture is of a quilted cover for a VW!
The license plate says "catch the quilting bug"
Absolutely adorable:)
Here are some quilts around the farm...

Civil War era quilts hanging in the garden.
Amazing what history can be found in our own
families if we think to preserve it!

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