Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three Things I love about being a Mom

Thank you to Quiet Ramblings
for nominating me for this award.

Things I love about being a mom

1. Motherhood is the refiners fire that 
changes you from a spoiled girl
to a woman who would do anything on earth
to protect her child.

2. Motherhood helps you understand God's
love in a whole new way, unconditional love
and love given even when there is no  reason
on earth to give give it anyway.

3. Motherhood proves once and for all
that there is nothing we can't do, my doctor
told me once that a mother could be the CEO 
of the biggest corporation and do it better
than any guy...and he is a guy!

I'm passing this award on to 
Kenj has so much real practical ideas
for raising kids as a home school mom,
I think you'll enjoy her take on it.

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