Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Literary Walk #10

 A Walk with Miss Read
aka Dora Saint
The Berkshires
24 miles
 One of my all time favorite series of
books was written by Miss Read.
She has 2 series
Fairacre and
Thrush Green
 I love them both, but the Fairacre books
are my favorites.
They are written from the perspective of
a single lady who is the head school teacher 
in a small village school.
 My favorite quote is
"I woke the next morning to blue skies
and a wonderful sense of freedom.
Lying back on my pillows watching
 the unfurling pink tiny leaves of the copper beech
 fluttering in the morning breeze,
I made plans for my first day of the holidays.
 I should cook bacon as well as an egg."
from Summer at Fairacre
These are the type of books of which
when asked by my sons
"But what happens in the book?!"
I answer with delight
"Absolutely nothing!!"
In other words they are about every day
life and the little intrigues that
happen, which in the end turn out to be 
a storm in a tea cup:)

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