Monday, March 18, 2013

Side Porch

I've had a week since my Mom's
funeral and its been a learning experience.
I keep thinking that she's just a phone call
away...and then realizing 
never again here on earth can I see or
hear my Mom...
So I try to stay busy doing the things
that give me joy.
I had gathered up a few things over 
the previous weeks for my side
porch and one day that was less
cold and rainy (but not much!)
I put it together.
 All thrifted and some of it free!

It's a very narrow porch so the bench
works better than the chairs I had there before.
I used an aging technique on the ladder
as it was just fresh lumber.
I just love when something that is free ends
up looking like it was purchased for 
the exact space.

1 comment:

  1. It looks lovely, Karen! I especially appreciate it because it would never last at our house with so many busy little folks around. A chalk board under the porch would be cool though.........


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