Thursday, March 7, 2013

62 Days

They were together for 67 years.
He left this earth for Heaven on January 2
and 62 days later she followed.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect love story.

But I miss her so much already!
She was a Mom who never was too busy 
to talk about the little things that made
up my life and never turned away
when I came to her with big things.
At the end of her life she was less than 100 lbs
but her frail shoulders were still able to
carry my heavy burdens with so much
grace and positive encouragement.
She always managed to find something good
to say about every person and every situation
and put the best construction on what others
said and did. So she was always terribly surprised
by any bad news as if that could not possibly be
true that everyone did not have some redeeming quality. 
If there was a new baby born it was just like it was
the first baby and a new tooth or first step
 in a grand child was
just as exciting to her as it was to the parents.
When her home was filled with "little people"
her joy was radiant.
Her life was always lived to serve and love others
starting with her Lord and then her husband 
and everyone else in equal measure.
When the time came for her at 19 to become a
preachers wife she embraced that calling 
as if she had been born to do it
and ministered to just as many as my Dad.
She loved to tell stories and was a prolific
writer of poetry and songs.
There was never any doubt that she was
a lady in the true sense of that word
and her serenity for life came from the fact
that she never tried to step outside of who
she was intended to be.
But most of all she was our Mom,
and we were always "her _____ (name)"
and when we came in the door whether 
we had been there 2 hrs or 2 years 
before it was like we were the most special
person she had ever seen.
I cannot imagine life with out her,
the hole is very big and we all know
that there is no one who will love us
quite like Mama did!
Born May 6, 1926
Gone to Glory March 5, 2013


  1. Hugs and prayers to you and yours understand what your going through, I have lost both parents as well, but mine were 21 years apart, it has only been 2 1/2 years years since I lost my mom, And the pain hasn't dimmed, sometimes I think it's grown, and it brought the pain back of dad being gone and the morbid reality of "I am the next generation, and orphaned" it's all too sad! Prayers of added strength and comfort in your loss.

  2. Oh Karen ... this all the things I have in my heart and have told so many about OUR MOM. The world will never be the same. Love you ... Faith

  3. That was beautiful, Karen, you said it perfectly!

  4. Oh she was the best of Mothers and the best of Grandmothers! How she loved all of us, so sweetly, so purely! So beautifully said, Karen.

  5. What a blessing she was to so many. I am blessed to have known her. She stayed at our house in Finland back when I was a little kid. Both of your parents always welcomed us with open arms when we visited them in their home and whenever we went to WA their home was on our list of people we "just had to visit"!! I especially remember the singing of hymns with them. Such sweet memories.. Bernice Reini


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