Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Country Drive

Today I needed to go and renew my
spirit and revive joy in my heart.
Nature always does that for me
 because it speaks so clearly of
The Creator.
 I did a loop in the car with my camera
down the country roads east of town
 Driving slowly and letting the spendor
of this fall day
ease away the worries and sadness
I can't see what is around the next bend
in the road, but if I watch carefully
I will catch a glimpse of the
One who goes before me...
I returned with
a quietness in my soul.


  1. God bless you Karen! May HE ever hold you close, may you feel HIS arms around and under you, may your heart rest in HIS peace every hour!

  2. Beautiful,Karen, pictures and words! What do you do to get a bunch of pictures like that ? I can only get one underneath the other?????

  3. Very nice, Karen . . . and beautiful pictures! Love you lots:)


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