Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Treat for Me!

 I was finally able to get away for part of a day
and do something fun and relaxing:)
I have never been to Camas Antiques 
and it was a real treat!

The concept is part bazaar and part antique mall
so there are wonderful displays everywhere
 and eye candy around each corner.
I highly reccomend it to anyone who still might be
trying to find an unusual or perfect gift
for that special person, or just to
take some time and browse for yourself:)


  1. That sounds fun - and looks so pretty.

  2. I ADORE Camas Antiques. A vender there makes the perfect stain spray. Perfect color, ages anything beautifully...paper, fabric, you name it!

  3. im so glad you made it over there! it is a fun place to go and perfect for a girls day out! call me next time i would love to hop on in with ya!


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