Wednesday, December 24, 2014


"December is Christmas...
With each setting of the sun,
 and the rising and setting of the moon 
and stars in the dark sky, the wonder grows.
 It is not so much in color as in absence of color, 
less in sound than in absence of sound, 
not at all in fragrance but in absence of fragrance;
 that is of the earthly color, sound and fragrance. 
Each day there seems less of all that has been familiar
 in the earlier months of the year, 
and more that is new though not strange.
 Gradually the world becomes another place, 
suffused by gentle radiance, 
cupped in innocence and infinite wisdom, 
carried aloft by unseen winds which bear it
 closer and closer to the Source of all wonder."

Gladys Hasty Carroll

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