Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chairs with a Story

I was asked by a lovely young bride to redo the seats
on some chairs her parents had given her for
her first apartment with her groom.
The chairs had been in her parents attic.
 So I took off the old seats, tightened the rickety
spindles and legs and recovered them.
I used a monogram that she had on her wedding invite
and put that on the seat.
When the brides mom saw them she told how
once upon a time when she was getting married
she and her groom found these chairs 
at a garage sale and proudly brought them
 to their very first apartment.
They didn't mind that they were a little bedraggled
because they were THEIRS!
Isn't that the neatest thing?
I'm so glad I got to be part of the story...


  1. They came out so beautiful and what a wonderful story!

  2. Like stories like this :) Faith


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