Saturday, March 15, 2014

Busy Xs Three

It is crunch time...
3 houses being made ready all
at once, 2 move in dates for all 3
and me going back and forth between
them all, with new grand baby and paint
and cupboards the wrong color and 
redoing them and packing up treasures
and sore backs and refinishing furniture...
but as a friend pointed out to me today
God knows what we need and I am busy
right now in these good ways because
it holds back the sorrow and the pain.
Really, it eases, not holds back
for in the labor of helping my children in 
this way I bring back tender memories
of my own parents serving me, 
so they are closer and the loneliness
of single life fades away.

Table redo for my son

 Footstool redo 


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