Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Projects for 2 houses

Because both me and my older son
are moving in the next month
there are a lot of projects going on
in my garage!
 This is actually a golf bag stand
which I painted and made into a 
project/garage organizer. I had been
looking for some idea to keep my 
silk flowers out of the way until I use 
them at different times of year
and this works great!
 Below is a bulletin board that I made into 
a portable place for the grands to play cars
and trains, it can be tucked into the side of
the play area and not take up too much room.
 The stools below are for my sons house,
the ones I painted had white legs...
 This is what they look like now!
He is going for a rustic modern feel
and I get to do the decor:) so fun~~


  1. I wondered what cool thing you would do with that golf bag stand. Cute little thing to play cars on . . . cool idea! That's neat you get to decorate their house.

  2. That golf cart idea is stellar! You are busy!


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