Sunday, September 15, 2013


It has been a year of goodbyes,
both to people and places.
I have been sorting through memories
in another house, my own, where I spent 
the last 12 years.
We are selling it under difficult personal circumstances
and the sting of pain has come with every
box packed up and the tears roll for 
the memories and hopes I have to let go.

Life teaches us of heaven
if we only watch and see
the pain here but reminders
of the place we'll someday be.

If I can yearn for earthly home
and cry for memories there
then how much more I look beyond
 the cross that's hard to bear.

The rooms may empty of the life
and the walls cry out my pain
but  I can see beyond and know
that heaven soon is gained.

I'll only travel- not so long
and the lights of Home I'll see
and stepping through that open door
what light and warmth there'll be!

Not only sweet familiar rooms
and loved ones gathered close
but the One who built my mansion there
will lead me to them both.

I cannot help my tears and grief
for all that might have been
but my eyes are on the open Door
and the One who lets me in.

Dear home, my home I say goodbye
the porch lights glimmer low
dear Home, my Home I watch and wait
for the glory light to glow!

By Karen Helmes 2013


  1. Oh, Karen. It is tough. God bless you.

  2. Beautiful poem! And, I get this, in a way. It's hard to pack up your home, whether you lived there for two years or twenty two. I'm remembering you in prayer, and your whole family. Jesus knows! He carries you, I am sure of it!

  3. Got to be so hard, esp under the circumstances. Love N Prayers. Faith

  4. Praying for you......
    With Love & God's Peace,
    Abby (Ketola) Spaulding


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