Monday, June 11, 2012

Where does the Time go?

June 10, 2012
This day was a day that has been a long 
time in coming...38 long years in fact!
When you come from a family of
11, and there's a lot of years and miles
(New Hampshire, Florida, California
and Washington)
spread out between oldest and youngest
it's hard to get everyone together.
It was a time of sweet sorrow.
"Being together 
but knowing it's to say goodbye to a dear
Mom and Dad.
Laughing over the past,
but crying for the 3 siblings
who are already in heaven.
Saying so much 
but unable to say in words what
we really want to say."

God arranged it, 
He blessed it,
He is Love.

We love you, so much
Dad and Mom!
 Almost 67 years of married bliss-real bliss!
And faithful love and service to their Lord and Friend.
Kathy, Anne, Lois, Mary, Faith, Martha
David, Mom, Dad and me

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Sorry to have missed that day. We had been there the Sunday before so couldn't make it again.


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