Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shabby Dresser Organization

I'm linking up again with Delightful Order
and the Thursday Link Party.
This time I finally got my $10 thrift store dresser
fixed up so I can keep my scrapbook papers in
each drawer by color.
I also put on all new knobs and labels.


  1. It's so awesome you have room to do stuff like that . . . someday my time will come:)

  2. Such a cool idea. The dresser turned out great:) Love, Tara

  3. yaya!! i think this is great! by the way my computer has been acting up and i havent been able to get to your site..danny fixed it i think and im so glad to be back checking your blog out!!! hope all is well with you my friend! love ya mean it! Stephanie


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