Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to say Goodbye?

This was a hard day for me.
One of my very dearest friends is
moving away.
How do I say goodbye to someone
who was the other half of "the team"
with Ladies Bible study for so many years,
who wore out my coffee table with
me as we knelt around it
to pray and cry and laugh?
She always had a positive word
on the tough days
and challenged me to grow as a
person, spiritually and socially.
It was a true blessing straight from God's
hand that our paths crossed and she
was given to me as a grace note.
When it came time to say goodbye
I couldn't formulate the right words.
There was no gift that I could come up with
or treasure I could make to say what
it is to have known her...
So this will have to suffice...
Thank you, Karon,
you have been a field of wild flowers
that has bloomed so beautifully
inside the fence of my life.
May the seeds you planted
bloom always in my heart.


  1. It is hard indeed! Karon is a very special person and now she goes out to shares with the world that very special gift of the Gospel! Praise God for His goodness that he allowed her in our midst! And may God continue to bless her coming and goings! May He lift you up and give you comfort! love ya!

  2. What a blessing to have a sister in Christ like Karon. The heart strings you share together are woven in the fabric of God's love, only distance seperates you, but what a time we live in where we can connect with web cams and facebook, etc. There is a plus side to all this technology after all!
    God Bless! Lisa :-)


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