Friday, April 30, 2010

150th Post and Triple Giveaway

Here I am at my 15oth post with my 100th whooshing by months ago without my even being aware of it! So in honor of blogging giveaways I decided on a triple...

To enter please comment on my blog saying which one you would like to win. The giveaway will end May 8th at 12:oo noon. Please comment on just one item so everyone gets a chance.


9-12 month size hand made sundress and bloomers


Yellow Challenge purse and "Finding Martha's Place", a wonderful book about a woman who finds God in her search for a life worth living and a place to share her love of cooking good food!


And this one's for all the Moms who have asked me "are you ever going to make little boys clothes?" Size 2/3 purchased polo shirt and handmade "clam -diggers" or (x-long shorts).

I saw a pair of these in JCrews kids catalog and knew some little guy would look so cute in them.

Thank you to all my followers and others who check on my blog now and again, you have made this such a fun experience, to share my life, my crafts, my travels!

Its been a blast...150 times over:)


  1. #2....... i love that purse it would be so fun to make somthing like that!!!

  2. o Karen congrats to you! doesnt the time just fly by? glad your still here! thanks for this great giveaway! i would love to win #2 the yellow bag and book!

  3. oh man I dont want to pick between #1 and #3! but I think i would have to go with #1:)

  4. #3...I have little boys :) Elva

  5. #2.... i love that purse its soo cool!!

  6. #1.... You make the cutest little girl clothes :)

  7. #3... of course! :) Skyler would look adorable in that outfit! :)

  8. I'm gonna go with #1 just in case;)

  9. I would pick #2 because it sounds uplifting and inspirational and I could sure use some of both! Love your blog, Karen!

  10. #3 would look amazing on Birch Tucker!

  11. #1 I love your creativity. Keep up the awesome work.


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