Sunday, January 11, 2015


I really need to do this...
but I don't like to give up on things.

 Sometimes you just have to let go
of the things that you promised 
you would never let go of.
This blog is one.
I thought before that I would write on here 
and take photos and love to share
but now it has become a part of my life 
that I can no longer keep up with-
I have a store
I have a job
I have too much to do
So I have to let this go...

The other part of my life that has just ended 
is too painful to write about here...
It was a promise I made until death
but I had to let go...

doors close
doors open
The One who said
"I am the door" is the only One
who remains ever true and faithful
and who never breaks His promises.

That is how I want to end my blogging
years, with my hand on the Door.

thank you to all of you have followed 
along on this journey
Be blessed in Christ alone.