Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Few, the Proud

My first party for my new business
was for a farewell for a young man
heading off to boot camp with
The Marines.
I used the Marines emblem as my inspiration.

This was a practice set up at my house,
the actual party pics were taken by another photographer
and will be posted on my facebook page.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sweetest Smiles

My littlest grandson is 
6 months old already!
He is so happy to see me
and gets so excited when he gets
to be with me. 
He is the cutest, snuggliest
happiest 6 month old boy
and it was so fun to do his pics.
I did them in the garage again which worked
well especially as I purchased a space
heater so he stayed warm!

 It was so cute when we put a mirror
by him and he could see himself!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"January is on a blackboard covered 
almost entirely in white by a soft crayon 
of schoolhouse chalk used on its side
 in bold powerful fingers. 
The board had been scrubbed clean,
 to start with, and uncovered lines and spaces 
which form the crude pattern stand out glistening, 
three-dimensional, and move toward you,
 gathering you in.
The still month."
Gladys Hasty Carroll

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year, New Starts are Possible

I'm stepping out into a new venture
this year.
I've been wanting to give it a try for awhile
 but just wasn't sure if that was
the direction I should head.
Now seems like the time.
This is my business card idea:)

I will see where it leads me!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Literary Walk #14

6 miles
A Walk around Manchester
with Elizabeth Gaskell

 Home of Elizabeth Gaskell
Favorite Book

Cranford is one of those books where
the humor is so subtle and laid 
out in such elegant wording that you 
are led into it's gentle trap without realizing it.
It is a story of 2 spinster sisters and the world
of women they inhabit.

Favorite Quote

                                        My next visit to Cranford was in the summer.  There had been neither
births, deaths, nor marriages since I was there last.  Everybody lived in
the same house, and wore pretty nearly the same well-preserved,
old-fashioned clothes.  The greatest event was, that Miss Jenkyns had
purchased a new carpet for the drawing-room.  Oh, the busy work Miss
Matty and I had in chasing the sunbeams, as they fell in an afternoon
right down on this carpet through the blindless window!  We spread
newspapers over the places and sat down to our book or our work; and, lo!
in a quarter of an hour the sun had moved, and was blazing away on a
fresh spot; and down again we went on our knees to alter the position of
the newspapers.  We were very busy, too, one whole morning, before Miss
Jenkyns gave her party, in following her directions, and in cutting out
and stitching together pieces of newspaper so as to form little paths to
every chair set for the expected visitors, lest their shoes might dirty
or defile the purity of the carpet.  Do you make paper paths for every
guest to walk upon in London?