Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Emptying that Garage!

Every project I do now is a race
to empty out my garage stash
from my treasure hunts and get 
things into the shop or ready to move.
Here is a desk I've had buried under
piles for over a year.
It was a large sturdy wood teachers desk.
Very sadly covered with pen marks and 
But with some graphite chalk paint for the top
and white and pale blue for the rest it looks lovely again!
I also have been wanting a 3 tiered galvanized metal
holder for my coffee items but those I found were
just too much money.
So I found these at GW ( the pans are springform) 
and painted them a
faux galvanized metal look, 
glued them together and Voila!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Sunshine Boy

Beckham is my 3rd Grandchild
and he is such a snuggly, love.
When he hears my voice or sees me 
he goes into a frenzy trying to 
make me notice him and pick him up!
Precious, precious blessings!


"March is the daybreak hour of the year. 
The face of the earth is still dark but the shadow is lifting....
In the air itself we feel, smell, taste, see a change
 as delicate and tentative as it is undeniable and certain.
 Though hurled against us by the wind,
 its touch is as soft as the wing tips of angels. 
It's ethereal warmth, too slight for registry 
on the thermometer, seeps through our heavy clothing. 
Its fragrance has no name,
 being not from anything that is,
 but from all that is to come...
March brings a silent ecstasy, a still excitement
matched only by that of a woman 
suddenly pausing, hushed, incredulous,
yet sure she feels the first faint, 
fluttering motion of a longed-for child."

Gladys Hasty Carroll

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Busy Xs Three

It is crunch time...
3 houses being made ready all
at once, 2 move in dates for all 3
and me going back and forth between
them all, with new grand baby and paint
and cupboards the wrong color and 
redoing them and packing up treasures
and sore backs and refinishing furniture...
but as a friend pointed out to me today
God knows what we need and I am busy
right now in these good ways because
it holds back the sorrow and the pain.
Really, it eases, not holds back
for in the labor of helping my children in 
this way I bring back tender memories
of my own parents serving me, 
so they are closer and the loneliness
of single life fades away.

Table redo for my son

 Footstool redo 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oldest to Youngest

Life keeps moving on!
I have a new grandson, a beautiful
tiny little person who came to 
steal more of Grandmas heart.
Here he is with my oldest grandchild-
my only grand-daughter so far.
She is a natural mommy already at 5
and loves to help with babies
Brielle and Rory