Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 Things I Learned in 2013

I saw this idea on another blog
and thought it a really cool way to 
close out the year.
13 things I learned in 2013

1. Parents are irreplaceable
2. Joy can come even when there is sorrow

3. Detaching is possible
4. You can learn to be financially savvy at any age
5. Sisters are the best
6. A brother is the best

7. Crying in public is OK
8. A church can be a care center for the hurting
9. Eating too many burgers and fries leads to weight gain
10. Living in town is doable for a country girl

11. Pop is not a good substitute for water
12. Being transparent helps other people to be also
13. Friends who listen & pray are the hands and feet
of Jesus

That's quite a list to learn in one year!
I feel like its been time well spent.
Anyone else feel like posting on their blog
what they've learned?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aging and Acceptance

so tired...
looking forward to bed...
worn out...
had it up to here...
For some reason those kind of phrases
seem to litter my conversations these last few
days. This morning I told my sons that I feel
every minute of my 50 years today.
Sometimes everything hurts, 
my feet, my hands, my shoulders, my head
and my heart.
When I saw this picture taken on Christmas day

I felt ashamed of how old I look next to these fresh little 
souls. It took me several days to process 
and this morning I just had to accept that I have survived 
a very sad, painful and stress filled year,
if I look older than a year ago, it is no wonder.
I had to let go of my dad, my mom, 
and the love and support that had been my anchor all my life,
 the home I grew up in,
my brother-in-law,
my hopes for reconciliation in my marriage,
the company I was part of for 20+ years,
my house of 13 years, along with accepting an aging and growing
heavier body, a tired spirit and a weary soul.
The prayers I once prayed with such fervor, I no
longer feel right in praying for surely God
must have other ways to heal than what I have asked.
The hopes I once had grow more dim as each day
goes by and looking ahead requires a faith
I often cannot achieve.
This is where I stand today, it is not what I would choose
nor what I may feel is best for me
God must feel that it is best, He must see that
this path is where I will grow less like me and more
like Him and I quote the song that Twila Paris
sang many years ago
"This is where I stand until He moves me on
and I will listen to His voice.
Could it be that He is waiting just to see
 if I will learn to love the dreams
 that He has dreamed for me?
Can't imagine what the future holds, 
but I've already made my choice, 
This is where I stand until He moves me on
and I will listen to His voice."

I felt the need today to share my "real" self
and perhaps to gain a little perspective
from the writing of it. I don't want to make
myself out to be miserable all the time
for surely this year has been joy in the midst
of it all and I have chosen joy above and 
beyond all else, but this is my heart today. 
Thanks for listening....

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

It came
It went
It's over for another year...

The sign above was given to me by my son and his wife
who apparently know me well!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Gift

When we have been around the Bible
and it's wonder all our lives,
we sometimes become jaded and familiar
with its stories.
Sad, but true, for we have been
graced with the opportunity
to immerse in it like very few do in our
fallen world.

Every year at Christmas I ask
God to please help me to see it fresh
and new again, this old, old story,
and each year He gives me
what I have asked.
This year it was through a brand new
Christian, who came to know Jesus
two weeks ago!
Her observations and questions
about Christmas and its' story
brought a spark of light into
the season for me.
She saw in it's simple words
profound truths, 
which she stated very bluntly with no 
flowery "church speak".
In Joseph and Mary and their visions/dreams
she saw faith lived out.
In the shepherds how unmerited grace truly is. 
In the Wise men she saw foolishness
that they would actually go ask King Herod!

In their gifts she saw why we give gifts at 
Christmas time,
and in the flight to Egypt she saw
the liberation of Israel from slavery there.

Let us too bow down and worship with fresh
and simple faith that does not have to develop
over time but is whole from the moment we
realize that Christ is a gift to us personally!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All through the House

 On the tree this year I used only white,
cream and other soft neutrals.
For the garland I used scraps of fabric 
and knotted them on twine.
the idea for the cars w/ trees came from 
Carmen Q
 I just love a mason jar snow globe
and had to laugh when my grand son (2 yrs)
said the people inside were stuck! He was
quite concerned about how they might get out:)

 Christmas card holder...just getting started, it will be
all full soon!
May peace and grace reign this Christmas season...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas on the Porches

It is so fun to do up a porch for 
the Christmas Season,
and I have 2:)

Right after I finished decorating the weather dropped
into the teens and the water froze in my
antique canning jars and they all broke:(

Funny story for my sister Faith...
I was out in the ditches again cutting branches
and berries. I was in the mud and water so deep
that I was kind of wondering how I was going to get
out. Just then the mail man pulled up, stopped
and asked "do you want to be in that ditch
or are you stuck?!"
I quickly said "no, I'm ok!" and he drove off
shaking his head, I just laughed
and laughed thinking of how crazy I must've looked.
(see post)
Up to my boot tops

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a...

Cozy Christmas Bedroom

 The white pillow sham was made from a
vintage tablecloth and came out just
wonderfully crinkly and soft.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Catch Lights in Her Eyes

I used a great idea that I found on Pinterest,
in which, as an indoor studio you 
use your garage with the door open.
This is where I did my 5 year old 
grand daughters' photo shoot.
I was able to catch the light in her eyes
as the lighting was great. 
We just had to go in and warm up every few minutes
as it was in the low 20s that day.
She was a delight to work with 
and came up with creative ideas for
ways to pose;)

The back drop is a sheet that I covered in ruffles
and the floor in the top photo is strips of
pine paneling I painted to look weathered.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ombre Cake and Birthday #5

My Grand daughter is 5..
so it was mermaid time.

The cake was fun as it was my first try at ombre. 
The mermaids were from the DT
and I just added the glitter so they matched.
5 year olds are so cute because everything
about a birthday is so exciting!