Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wedding #2 Decor

This wedding was for a very dear
and sweet girl who I have known
since a baby and who waited SO long
to find Mr. Right!
She always wanted an October wedding
and that is what she got.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Here's to a gorgeous Fall day
and family
and kids who make everything
and to Tessa who was 30
that day:)

Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Month Photo Shoot

Funny how even babies know
that the minute the camera comes out
they should quit being happy and start crying!
I did my grandsons 3 month photos
and he just did not enjoy it very much...
especially one area of the yard,
every time we put him out there
he melted into tears but he liked
the porch, go figure, so we did them all there.
Unfortunately the light wasn't the best there.

But he is so cute it really doesn't matter and I got
some that show his personality.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Love about 2 Year Old Boys

2 year old boys say "Hi Gramma!"
with more excitement than anyone else
in the world greets me.
When walking past other folks porches
they go to investigate all the pumpkins,
 try to pick them up
and hopefully say "My punkin, Gramma?"
Everything they see is so exciting
and  "why" is their favorite question.
They love BIG trucks
They say innocently when leaving
my house "Now I want to go see Grandpa!"
not knowing the stab that goes in my heart.
If the Grandma gets too wild while playing 
they scold her and say "NO, Gramma, no
fall down!"
If they can't see me for a few seconds 
they scramble up from their play and come
seeking me out, 
my time with them is too precious to be wasted!
They still snuggle and love to be cuddled
but the kisses are now labeled "jucky".
All the people they love are called
as if they own the world and all the love in it.
They like to make sure all the dolls 
have "bankys" so they can be "cozy".
Best of all when they run their whole body
swings with that 2 year old rhythm
and they can run so "FAS".

Love you my Precious 2 year old!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Memory Bears

There were two little girls,
 taken young to heaven
who left us here to mourn them,
one at 3 and one at 7.
Gone to be with Jesus many years
but always and forever in their 
Mama's heart.
In boxes in a closet now that 
she is gone,
we find the memories packed with love 
and tears
and nighttime song.
From those sisters, one I never knew,
and one I saw go home
I chose a dress to keep them close 
and remind me of my mom,
who never ceased to long for them
through many many years. 
And from those little dresses came these
memory bears.

In memory of Pauline, age 3- the plaid bear
In memory of Janet, age 7- the blue bear
In memory of Mom who loved and never forgot

Lovingly and beautifully crafted by 
my dear cousin Emma.

She used the buttons, collars, lace and zipper
 along with the dress fabric.
( the embroidery on the feet was done by Janet 
on a piece of white fabric
and found in the boxes too)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby Beds

With the Christmas season 
coming very quickly it is time to start getting 
things into the store for little people
and also for the Artisan Fair which
will be held November 22/23.
I had collected up several
doll beds to sell as photo props
but those which haven't sold I am
revamping for original use.

I still think little girls need dolly beds, don't you?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Desserts & Pumpkins

For Family night this week
I put together a little dessert buffet.
Caramel Pumpkin Parfaits
Sugar Cookies on a stick
Homemade Caramel sauce
with apples and toppings
The pumpkins are the horribly fake looking
ones from the Dollar Tree which have a 
line through the center-strange!
Anyway I painted the bottom cream, the top taupe,
 made a stem of paper and wrapped it in twine,
then I added leaves of fabric.
Turned out kind of modern country:)

All recipes are off of Pinterest & can be found 
on my page under "Food"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Up to My Boot Tops in Water and Praise

Yesterday there was a short break 
in the drenching rain we've had for the 
last weeks and I suddenly knew 
where I was headed!
To the ditch!
This time of year is when I go foraging
for fall berries and stems to dry
for use in arrangements.
So I put on my rubber boots
and into the ditch I went,
which was so full of water it almost
went over my boot tops.
 As cars drive past and everyone
stares in consternation as to what a crazy 
lady is doing down in a ditch with 
a pair of clippers-I am in a moment of praise.
Here is where I feel so moved by 
God's creation, the color, the bounty,
the glory of His hand moving over land
and water to end a season in a blaze of
joy just as He begins each season.
I went joyfully splashing about
until my car "boot" was full to bursting:)

And then home to make my porches full of glory too,
and just in time as the rain began again.
It also helps to have new purple rain boots:)